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Purchase Guarantee

Furniture Besi, Guarantee Statement

We are committed Guarantee to the original purchaser, that our furniture and its components are free of defects in material and workmanship. If you find a defect in material or workmanship, we will at our option, repair or replace the defective components at no cost to you on your next order or shipment!

Get Satisfaction Guarantee!
Our Promise and Commitment
We are committed to providing you the most complete selection of quality products, at the best prices, from the most helpful product experts in the business.
Great Products at Competitive Prices
We do our best every day to ensure that our prices are the best you can find anywhere, We constantly check our prices to verify you are getting the best value
Guarantee excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, membership clubs, and auction websites. The Internet site must have the exact brand and model available for purchase and delivery. (Out of stock or back-ordered items are not eligible.)

Purchasing Guarantee

Claims are allowed up to 2 (two) month from the date of arrival at the port of destination. Contact us for extending months.
Delay in claim submission will be reviewed on case by case basis.
The purchase guarantee applies to claims against our product shipped to you with the following conditions :

  • Frame or woven failure resulting in the inability of the goods to be used, even after competent repair.
  • Frame or woven joints and/or connections are broken.
  • Non material hardware is missing or broken.
  • Non material hardware is rusty.

All claims will be substantiated by photographs or digital images clearly showing the claim filed as per our purchasing guarantee. Verbal explanations need to accompany the submitted images for clarification. Photos or images may be sent by post or by email.
Claims for problems are failure of non wood components to be substantiated by photographs or images in same manner as for wood claims.

All claims will be processed within on week of receipt with a decision on claim given within 10 days of receipt.
Any claim may be rejected if:

  • The claim is not connected to purchasing & shipment data.
  • The claim is late as per item 1 and 2 above.
  • No photograph and / or digital image is supplied.
  • No explanatory data is provided with the image to clearly explain the problem.

Our guarantee is for replacement of goods or cash credit against future orders and does not include any other cost such as freight, re stocking or other charges.

Please do not be hesitate to chat with us your range target price for your order plan, quantity, delivery time etc.

We will take good solution!


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